Nigel - G1JKE
Nigel is also licenced as N1GEL, ZL2NAK, EI7JS, SA4BCX, VK2JKE and M3JKE. He is interested in IOTA, JOTA and SOTA. Mostly on VHF and 80 metres.
Andrea - M0REA
Andrea is also licenced as M3YTE, W7AYL and ZL2REA and is interested in IOTA and JOTA and is looking forward to island chasing..
Ruth - M0RTH
Ruth is also licenced as M3RHD, KE7GMH and ZL2RHD. She is mostly active on HF and hopes to enter some of the YL contests this year.
John - M3MKO
John is interested in SOTA and IOTA and mainly operates on VHF.
Jon - M6ZEN Jon is interested in VHF and UHF mobile operation.
Peter - M0HAN Peter is also licenced as DL4LAM.
Andy - G7AUP Andy is most active on VHF and UHF and was the repeater keeper of the 23cm repeater in York.
Bo - SM4MJR Bo is also licenced as M0HBB. He is active on HF mainly on CW.